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The Azienda Perrotta has recently completed the most important restoration process in its history.
Since its origins up to 1994, the vine monoculture was the only producing activity, while the buildings exerted additional functions.


Today the houses share the direct productive role with the land, which nowadays hosts an orchard, an olive grove and other crops.
The “Case Perrotta” farm consists of 13 hectares located on the east slope of Etna, and it is managed under organic farming methods. The slope is made practicable by the presence of large terraces built with hand-shaped lavic stones, typical of the Etna area.
We have created a place which offers the visitor not only an amazing landscape and a suggestive environment, but also a rural context which perfectly suits and respects the local culture and traditions.
There is an area dedicated to a mixed, not-specialized orchard, where you can find native varieties and cultivars which are about to disappear from markets; our aim is to preserve a historical agricultural heritage which offers ancient and rare tastes and a typical agri-cultural background.
Moreover, you will find: a specialized cherry grove, with different typical cultivars; two specialized nut and olive groves, the latter being distributed as a border along the farm paths; from the olives produced we obtain a valuable, organic, extra-virgin olive oil.
There is, finally, the remarkable presence of herbs and vegetables.
The farm is surrounded by a wood prevalently made of chestnut trees.
The products of our land are offered to the guests in the foods skilfully prepared by the chef and are also available in the retail shop of Case Perrotta.
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